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The Benefits of Adding Whiteboard Animation Videos for Homepage

Whiteboard Videos on Your Homepage


Whiteboard animation videos on your homepage easily communicates your messages

Whiteboard animation videos feature manually scribed images, cartoons, or graphics that are animated in rhythm with appropriate music or voice over.

This is ideal if you want to develop your website in a way that you can easily communicate your message uniquely and with elements of entertainment and fun.

But Why?

There are numerous benefits of adding whiteboard animation videos for homepage. Basically, video marketing works effectively. First, search engines love videos, so the website will gain higher page rank. As a result, your website will gain more online traffic. Once potential customers visit your website, the whiteboard animation will help in building a pleasurable customer experience, which helps not only in grabbing the attention of your customers but will also encourage them to make an action – to buy products, to avail services, to sign up as members, or subscribe to your newsletters.

Whiteboard animation can also explain complex ideas easily. This is highly recommended for websites that are developed to launch new range of products or services, particularly those that are not yet popular or familiar with your market. Through creative animation, you can easily communicate a message to your target audience. Whiteboard videos don’t directly sell products, it tells an entertaining story, which can convey your message clearly and will capture the imagination of your customers.


Sales for products and services have increased for companies

A TV ad for large companies or popular brands may cost about $100,000 at minimum. However, online explainer videos are cheaper for small and medium enterprises and especially for start-ups. This cost may range between $1500 and $20,000 depending on the required production value. Numerous video marketing companies can work closely with their customers to identify the business needs and convert these needs into a practical and effective explainer video.

Aside from money, explainer animated videos also save time and effort not only for the company but for the clients as well. Remember, online visitors usually have short attention time span. Hence, the simplicity of the video added with the entertainment factor made the solution a popular one.

The increased popularity of explainer videos is evident with the increasing number of companies who are adding them to their website. Sales for products or services have increased for company websites with added explainer animated videos.

There are several things that you need to consider in choosing a company who will create your explainer video. Choose a company that specializes in producing production, fun and humor to make certain that your videos will be retained by your customers and has the higher chance to be shared through social media.

The Advantages of Video Marketing


Advertise or reach targeted customer with the use of video marketing

The generation today use the internet 24/7. Even young ones access social network or other websites like www.wizmotions.com. Do you have a product to sell? Then advertise or reach targeted customer with the use of video marketing. Video marketing is a very strong technique to attract people to buy a product. It has the advantage of the television add with the power of internet. It is a cheap but powerful way to spread awareness to all the prospective customers.

In an advertisement that is composed of text, a client has to go through the text to figure out the message. This consumes time and effort on the part of a targeted customer. On the other hand, if the messages is converted and delivered through visual demonstration like videos, the user will save time because they will be able to grasp any messages with ease because every video has an easy recall. These features in a video help a viewer to retain the message for longer time. It may attract him to purchase the product or service mentioned in the video.

So if you want to promote a product by using video marketing then then you should give much time. Do all the wit and effort. If they don’t get much response then you should update your work.

Simply Awesome


Animation videos are catchy and keeps the audience focused on your message

Animation comes in various shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors. From the cartoons we grew up watching all day in summer vacation, to animated movies that kids and adults alike enjoy, to animated commercials that can be seen almost everywhere. Sometimes the quantity burns us out and we tend to cynically block out anything that tries to get us to pay attention or sell us something.

However, there’s just something very cool and attention-focusing about whiteboard animationMaybe its the black and white that feels so easy on the eyes; It’s like you don’t have to exert effort to process what the lines are being drawn together are trying to tell you on that clean, modest white backdrop.

This special effect of being simple yet charming and easy to understand makes whiteboard animation a great tool for advertisers, marketers, and all sorts of people and organizations looking to get a point across. The simplicity and subtle flair of the black and white animation experience more often than not gets it noticed way easier than the typical advertisement or marketing video that assaults you with unnecessary colors and effects. So enhance your communication strategy today and get started on creating your very own whiteboard video.

Branding Through Whiteboard Animation


Whiteboard animation is deemed to be one of the supreme modes of advertising and promotion

Nowadays, a lot of businesses capitalize on using videos as means to market their respective products, services, undertakings and the equivalent. It is also worthy to note that a couple of establishments make use of drawings, pens, whiteboard and markers to introduce their intentions and thus communicate with their target audience. It goes without saying that this process is branded as whiteboard animation.

Whiteboard animation is deemed to be one of the supreme modes of advertising and promotion considering that it is simple and demands lesser cost to carry out, considerably. Moreover, it is relatively new and unique, so the public could easily get induced and inspired with it, in one way or another. In addition to that, it’s one of the best forms of art which makes it extremely extra special, and anyone can exercise freedom of expression at its finest, with the use of pens, markers and whiteboard. Finally by the very nature of this method of advertising, it conveys a very clear message to its target audience and/or customers. Apparently, with all the advantages and privileges, you definitely do not want to go away with this mode of advertising, do you?

Should you need to know more and want to avail of the benefits of this remarkable way of video creation and video marketing for use in your business promotion, log on to wizmotions.com and see demonstrations of high quality videos.