How To Choose The Best Commercial Foods For Dogs

You must be aware of the fact that there are huge varieties of commercial dog foods available in the market. Though these food owners always try to promise to cater to the best health requirements of the dog, yet the question that often arises in this context is the value of this promise. Have you ever tried to know about the ingredients that are present in these foods? Do you think that these commercial foods can cater to the health requirements of your dog, at all? There are many people who are of the concept that these foods are filled with preservatives, as a result of which, they are not healthy for the dogs. However, instead of getting worried, one of the most important things that you must always keep in mind is that before they are released into the market, they are fully certified and approved as safe and nutritious for a dog.

There are few important steps that you can always take in order to ensure that you select the right food for your dog, so that your dog stays healthy and better.

  • First of all, you should ensure that the manufacturer from where you are buying the dog food has a good reputation. This is very important because on the basis of this reputation, you can be assured whether you are buying quality foods for your dog.
  • Following this, you should check out the ingredients in the commercial dog food. The ingredients must be a complete balance between different nutritional components. One of the most important things that you should always remember is that the dog foods contain the best ratios of ingredients that are required in a diet. For instance, it should contain about 50% meat, 50% vegetables, and no wheat, grain or cheap fillers.
  • Apart from that, you will also have to look into the fact that the sources of meat meal in the food are quite high. This meat is basically pre-cooked, and you can bring it to cook it further as per the ingredients and the instructions.
  • Do not go for foods that offer foods with high quality meat ingredients accompanied by large numbers of by products as fillers.
  • It is true that preservatives are necessary in order to make the food edible, but harmful chemicals should not be used as preservatives. Only when you select from a reputed manufacturers, you can be assured about the safety of the preservatives.
  • It is also a good idea to choose premium brand foods, instead of going for any kind of economy branded foods. The economy brand foods might help you to save money, but it will not do much good to your dog because when you go for the cheapest, it might not be the healthiest.
  • Many Christian’s believe that when the rapture takes place, all the dog owners who are true believers will be taken to heaven and their dogs left behind. Rest assured Jesus pets can fill in this gaps should you believe.

Thus, if you can follow these few things while selecting commercial dog foods, you can be assured that you will be able to offer the healthiest nutrients to your dog making it healthy.      

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Food I Love

Most Popular Filipino Foods

Filipinos are really fond of eating.  But among all the different kinds of Filipino dishes, the adobo is considered to be the most favorite among Filipinos.  This could either be pork meat or chicken, some combine both, and then cooked with vinegar and soy sauce.  It is a very famous dish in the Philippines and people from other countries love the taste of this native dish. 

The Philippine’s sour soup dish or sinigang is another famous dish.  The food is prepared with any kind of fish and the meat is evenly cooked with vegetables and tamarind.  Most Filipino households often pair sinigang with adobo.

For recipes on food, you should check out The Food Network’s website.

And for help finding the tools to do your cooking, check out Food Blogger’s.

The kilawin dish is prepared by mixing and marinating with kalamansi or vinegar together with pepper, salt, onions, and garlic.  This is popular to be paired with alcohol drinks and is popularly called pulutan. 

These are just three of the many famous Filipino dishes that are nice to the palate.

Philippine Food

Filipinos truly love the taste of Philippine food during meal time.  Some are sour, some are salty, some are bitter, while some are spicy. Filipino has a characteristic taste as it is a mix of different flavors-American, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, Indian, and Malay.  Filipino food ranges from simple meals to wholesome rich cuisines.  Filipinos eat the regular thrice a day meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In-between snacks are also common with Filipinos as these are eaten between meals.

Different areas in the Philippines have varying types and flavor of food eaten.  There are areas that consider cassava as an equal with rice. 

Filipinos know how to be resourceful when it comes to cooking methods and techniques.  Clay pots and coal stoves are used to cook meals in order to impart the flavor’s aroma.  Roasting on coal is also a popular method in cooking.

Filipinos have a great variety of Philippine dishes that would bring delight to any kind of race.

Filipino Cuisine’s Unique Flavor

Filipino cuisine is the result of a great mixture of different cultural influences such as the American, Chinese, Spanish, and other Asian countries.  Each family has at least one member that has the knowledge on how to prepare local dishes with some having more advanced cooking styles and techniques. 

The style of preparation of food has been improved due to the mixture of different Asian influences that include Chinese, Hispanic, and American and other Asian influences.  These resulted to a number of Filipino meals that are nice to the palate.

The Philippines consider rice as an important staple food like other Asian countries.  Rice is commonly steamed and served in most meals.  Filipinos do not waste rice and rice is often fried with garlic once there is an excess.  Breakfast meals often have siningag or fried rice that is paired with sausages, cured meat, and eggs.  People from other areas in the Philippines mix rice with coffee, salt, condensed milk, or cocoa.

Not into Filipino Food?  How about a video on brownies!


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Body And Foot Care

Acne strikes anyone at any age. Although it is common with adolescents, acne can affect individuals at a later stage in life. It is difficult but possible to cope with acne. One needs to use products that can cure acne. One of these products is the acne body wash for women.

There are many misconceptions regarding acne as most think that it only affects the face; however, contrary to this, it also affects the entire body. The shoulders, upper arms, and legs are more prone to acne breakouts.

Products that are for controlling acne contain acne fighting ingredients. It is important to know the contents of the product before buying an acne body wash or anything to do with skin care.

Salicylic acid is one of the important ingredients to look out for when purchasing acne body wash. Salicylic Acid unclogs pores, exfoliates, and removes oil. It is good for treating acne to those who have sensitive skin.

Foot Care

One of the most active body parts is the feet. The feet wear the pain-causing stiletto heels and these carry one from one place to another. The feet are often neglected in terms of health care.

The most effective option for foot care is to soak these in tub of cold water. This will keep tired and aching feet have their ache relieved. Feet should be washed regularly to keep them clean and infection-free.

Apply the same care given to the rest of the body by applying sun block on your feet. A foot spray should be kept handy as this gives the feet a cooling effect. The feet should always have proper circulation of the blood. This can be achieved by lying down on the bed at a right angle to the wall. The feet should rest above your head.

It is also important the right kind of footwear is worn. It is not for the best condition to wear shoes that are too tight or do not fit right.  More foot care and body care stuff can be found at

Fish Pedicure

Fish pedicure treats dry and cracked feet. This came from Asia and has just recently became a fad in Western countries.

In fish pedicure, feet are put in fish containing large tanks that feed on the feet s dead skin. This small fish is known as Garra rufa or Doctor Fish. These fish feed on the accumulated dead skin on the feet s surface.

They first feast on the heels or the region where there is a great amount of dead skin and then proceed to the areas around the toes. These fish are not piranhas and they do not have teeth. Women who experience fish pedicure at first feel odd of the tingling sensation on their feet but as time goes by they feel more relaxed and soothed.

This feet pedicure lasts for 30 minutes and can be followed up by a pedicure and a foot massage. The feet will feel relaxed after the fish pedicure.

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Skin Care Tips

Tips For Black Women

Taking good care of your skin is the basic step in looking good. Skin that is smooth and well-maintained can be obtained by following basic skin care tips for a majority of African-American girls. Daily practice of cleansing, moisturizing, and toning the skin at regular period of time will result to a fresh and glowing skin. The skin looks dull and dried out if it is not taken care of properly. Even worse, improper skin care results to skin illnesses.

Black women should apply sunscreen to the skin for protection against the sun s harmful rays. Black women have greater melanin that serves as protection from the sun. However, it is still best to add more protection to their natural SPF 13 by having a protective barrier.

There are many ways where black women can care for their skin. Taking care of their skin will keep their skin soft and smooth.

Skin White Spots

The skin has a tendency to be attacked by various ailments. These include white spots which can appear on any part of the body such as the upper forearms, upper back, shoulders, shins, thighs, and others. These do not cause itch, pain, or irritation; however, they can stand out from dark or tanned skin.

The causes of white spots are many.

These can affect anyone with varying skin colors and types. Individuals who are most prone to these white spots reside in hot and humid climate. White marks are visible usually on the neck, face, chest, and arms. These can also have different sizes that range from white dots to large white areas.

These also have a tendency to change to brown spots and be covered by white scaly skin. Some people experience itchiness when they have white spots.

White spots are possibly caused by malnutrition. When important nutrients are lacked by the body, these white spots occur.

Some Causes of White Spots on the Skin

The skin can sometimes be attacked by white spots. Here are some of the causes of white spots on the skin.

One of the causes of white spots is tinea versicolor or pityriasis versicolor. This is caused by the yeast Malassezia. The skin is characterized by being oily, becomes moist, and warm which sometimes result also to a reddish-brown color. These occur in the neck, thighs, and abdomen. It is considered to be a skin infection although it is not contagious.

Living in humid and warm climate, taking in corticosteroids as medications, not eating the right proper of diet, having oily skin, and pregnancy are the causes why tinea versicolor occur. There are many available over the counter medicines like miconazole, terbinafine, and clotrimazole.

A shampoo containing selenium sulfide can be applied on affected skin areas before going to bed and then washed the next day. It is still best to check with the doctor for any kind of medications that are taken in.


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